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First I
have to post a discussion to this question

What is the significance (or potential benefit to society) of a new biomedical technology coming through the front door instead of the back door? How does this distinction relate to the issue of whether we should allow members of our society to

themselves and/or their children through emerging biomedical technologies


(Short discussion only one paragraph not an essay)

Second post going to be a follow up to one of the student comment I chose this

Also have to be one paragraph)

There are many disadvantages to back door biomedical enhancements that include not being approved by the FDA and it simply doesn’t receive the proper study and attention it needs for something as big as modifying biology. People may not have the proper information

the procedure and risks that may come with it. If biomedical technology/enhancements came through the front door instead, it would allow for proper study on the subject, new information that

with constant change in biology,

for proper risk and consent for individuals who wish to proceed with these procedures, and it can be taxed. If biomedical technology was introduced through the front door, this would benefit society because more attention and precautions would be brought upon it by professionals, experts, and the government, which means more money would be invested in making it efficient and safe as well



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