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You need to collect data regarding the best approaches and needs for  an interface product. Explain the benefits of using probability methods  versus non-probability methods and the circumstances that would affect  whether you chose either collection method. Which collection method do  you think is most prevalent in interaction design? Explain your answer.

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3 hours ago

Cliff Yang

RE: Week 2 Discussion

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Hi class,

When collecting data for any sort of product or project, probability methods and non-probability methods each have their own benefits that could be useful in different ways for different projects. Probability methods rely on subjects of a population getting an equal oppourtunity to be selected as a representative sample which means the type of selection would be fixed and known. Since this technique is based on the randomization principle and everybody is pre-specified and has an equal chance to be part of the sample, it would help reduce the possibility of bias which could bring up the quality of conclusive results. As for non-probability methods, it is not known which individual will be selected as a sample resulting in the selection to be unknown and arbitrary. No probability is attached to the population and selection relies on judgement from the researcher which therefore means that there will be a great possibility of results being biased.

The benefits of probability methods include cost effectiveness, simple and short time consumption, as well as comparatively easier than that of non-probability. Probability methods saves cost and time since process and task of assignment is usually almost half done at that point. It also does not require a complex long process and takes up shorter amount of time for analysis and interpretation. Non-probability benefits include giving a more practical and conducive method for researchers to deploy surveys. This method may produce similar to better quality results if done correctly. In addition, getting responses is way faster than that of probability sampling because the sample is known to the researcher. Respondents are more likely to respond rather than a group of random people which would mean more people would participate as a result.

For interaction design, I would choose non-probability methods as a good way for a collection method. Interaction design should have quick and helpful responses from respondents more likely to respond rather than that from random people. This would help produce better results for data collection as a whole.


Surbhi S. July 14 2022. Difference Between Probability and Non-Probability Sampling.


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