different types or airfoils

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write a six pages paper on the different types of airfoil with correct cites and all including subtopics for each different topic


Airfoil is a stream line body, or a lifting surface, of simple shape that provides sufficient lift and considerably less drag at small angles of attack. An Airfoil is considered to be a two dimensional body because its geometric sections normal to span do not change. As the air flows over the airfoil, the velocity on the upper surface is more than the free stream velocity and the velocity on the lower surface is less than the free stream velocity. Hence by Bernoulli’s theorem Pressure on the lower surface is more than the upper surface and a perpendicular force is created in upward direction which is known as Lift. Modern airfoils have evolved after years of theoretical and experimental research. The design philosophy of an airfoil is useful in many other disciplines that use Newtonian fluids.




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