developing a diversity and inclusion program

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  • Develop a Diversity & Inclusion program for a global organization that manufactures and sells products in various countries. The head office of the company is based in USA, however, 60% of their operations is spread in Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America. Many regional offices are based in these areas. There are approximately 15000 employees globally.

Prepare a mission statement of the D&I program, develop a strategy to support and incorporate the mission, build a structure to implement the strategy. Define sub-objectives. Elaborate how program will be supported and imbibed as a company culture at all levels in the organization and garner support from all employees.

All students will present their work using ppt

  • 10 points will be on presentation of the project in class. Points can be gained by clarity of ideas, flow, content and a clear conclusion.
  • 20 points for the work. 5 points for mission and strategy, 5 points for structure and sub-objectives, 10 for methods to incorporate as a company culture and engagement of all employees and managers. Please elaborate so that if this was a true D&I program, it could be implemented easily.
  • All students will present their work using ppt

I’m not sure about the number of pages needed to finish this assignment, so just include all the requirements.

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