demonstrate convergence net neutrality hippocratic oath

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  • Speculate three (3) ways that our online and offline identities are beginning to converge. Next, provide three (3) examples of activities that demonstrate this convergence. Based on this convergence, what do you believe this says about the transformation of culture due to the digital age? Justify your response.
  • Based on your textbook reading from Chapter 14 and the article titled “FCC Approves Sweeping Internet Regulation Plan”, analyze the significance of the “net neutrality” argument, and state where your personal convictions lie on this subject. Provide a rationale for your stance on this subject.
  • Based on your readings from this week, take a stance on whether you agree or disagree with the notion that the Hippocratic Oath, taken by healthcare providers, offers a sensible approach for lawmakers in seeking to regulate the Internet. Justify your response.…

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