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  • Cover Page (5)
  • Table of Contents (5)
  • Implementation – Project Management Approach
  • Roles and Responsibilities – Training Plan
  • Functional Decomposition Diagram (5)
  • Hardware Cost Projections (5)
  • Conclusion/Recommendation (5)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (4 slides)

Request for Proposal: Library Information System

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Summary and background

The project is for us to update the public library’s current information system as they plan to transition to a new system while still integrating their old system. The library will undergo renovation, adding spaces for additional computers, building modernized workspaces and public spaces that will emphasize efficiency. Providing them with an efficient system that allows growth and effective management. Here at [public library], we have operated in [city] for nearly 100 years, offering books and other library services to the community. 

This section briefly describes what the RFP is for and the project’s purpose. It may offer background information on the company looking for bids, including its history, size and other relevant information. This can help potential bidders know early in the process whether they want to possibly submit a proposal.


Proposal guidelines

We will have the proposal open for one month, to allow for companies to discover the request, structure their proposal, and have it delivered within a generous timeframe. [insert desired requirements]

This describes what a responding organization’s proposal should contain. It details formal guidelines for bids so potential bidders know the expected framework as they plan their proposal. It should include a timeline for submitting a proposal and any requirements that must be included in the proposal.


Project purpose and description

The purpose of this project is to enhance the library’s efficiency and improve user experience. We’ll accomplish this by implementing new technologies, such as self-checkout machines to lower friction when checking books out. Our goal is to maintain compatibility with the existing library system while enabling new features to be added.

This expands the project summary by providing the purpose and description of the project in as much detail as possible. Include specific types of work to accomplish and leave the option open for bidders to propose alternatives for more efficient or cost-effective strategies.


Project scope

The project scope involves updating the library’s current information system, integrating the old system into the new one, and creating a comprehensive and economical information system. It will encompass consideration for usability, functionality, and reliability of technology used. 

If necessary, this section can further explain the limitations of the work. It details what exactly is required as well as what is not included as part of the project. It often includes an overview of things that should be omitted from the project because they are the responsibility of internal employees or other contractors.


Proposal timeline

Our proposed timeline will ensure that all tasks are completed in a systematic and efficient manner. The projected timeline is estimated to be around {we can estimate the months it will take depending on the various phases of the project}, depending on the complexity of the system and any unforeseen challenges. We will continuously communicate with the right people like the staff throughout the project to ensure transparency and address any concerns that may arise.

While the deadline for a bidder’s proposal usually appears in the RFP’s summary section, this section provides a detailed explanation of when the work should occur. This typically means expected start and end dates, intermediary deadlines and expected duration. Any known deadlines or timeframes should be listed is in this section. This information is typically subject to change in collaboration between the hiring organization and the contractor.



Our proposal aims to provide a cost-efficient solution that maximizes the value for the client while staying within the allocated budget. We will prioritize project requirements and ensure that the allocated budget is allocated appropriately. Regular cost monitoring and reporting will be implemented to track expenses and make any necessary adjustments to stay within budget. Our approach to budget management will be focused on delivering a high-quality information system that meets the library’s needs while optimizing costs.

This explains the required format for a bid’s financial information. This section is often categorized by the variability of cost and frequently features a list or table.


Bidder requirements

We are a well-funded public library, so pricing would be fairly flexible. [todo: add more to this]

This explains what bidders should include in their proposals regarding budget items. An RFP may often ask bidders to list pricing in a certain way or describe exactly what should be included in the pricing. Requirements regarding a business’s size, type and personnel often appear here as well as references or recommendations.


Bidder qualifications

This explains the selection criteria the hiring organization will follow. It may ask for examples of work, contact information, company history, executive background, organizational charts or other information to aid in the decision-making process. It helps to include selection standards for every requirement in the RFP.


Bidder criteria

This explains the required format for a bid’s financial information. This section is often categorized by the variability of cost and frequently features a list or table.


of 4


Final Project Information
1 | P a g e
1. Introduction
Your company (team) has been contracted to update the current information system for a
public, but well-funded library that is planning to transition to a new system but will still
require their old system to be integrated into the new system. The client is interested in having
a network that contains hardware, software, and peripherals that would be essential to the
library’s goals with extra features set as a choice. The key is modernization, efficiency, and
The clients have just renovated their building with spaces for interactive gaming and
additional computer labs for digital reading. The library also requires a modernized workspace
and public space that illustrates efficiency. However, it should include a cost-efficient system
that will give them an opportunity of growth with optimum consideration for effective
The client has approached a few businesses like yours to provide a proposal that would
engender reengineering to streamline their business, better serve their customers, and reduce
costs. Therefore, to be competitive and exceptional in your proposal, it would be imperative
to visit an existing library for reference purposes and conduct a research on library functions,
technology usage and space utilization.
2. Client Requirements
Some of the main factors to be considered as outlined by the client are as follows:
• Technology (software and hardware)
• Usability
• Functionality
• Database Upgrade
• Reliability
• Finishes
• Operating Features
• Overall Quality
• Public Service Facilities
• Stakeholders Management
• Warranty Terms and Service
• Other Relevant features of item(s) proposed (feel free to add more).
The client is prepared to overall their system, while keeping it affordable, scalable, and
transparent. The proposal should address a plan to provide a comprehensive and economical
information system with hardware and software that will support the transition the
organization is undergoing.
This project is intended to develop a system that will help an organization to improve
efficiency, productivity, and reduce costs in the end; thereby increasing their ROI. In any

Final Project Information
2 | P a g e
process of system analysis, the most important thing is to understand the current state of an
existing system, to propose a better system. The best approach to this project is to visit your
local library or college library to gather necessary information. In addition, conduct extensive
research on libraries functions, technology usage and space utilization.
Your team will be required to modernize, replace, or upgrade your client’s system to
streamline the business. You can also choose to redesign an existing system, to serve the
clientele effectively, and eventually reduce costs. You can also swap the existing system with
a completely new system. However, remember that your clients requested a possible
In this project, you will consider both software and hardware upgrades to achieve the
intended goal efficiency and make productivity increase. The key is to consider all
shareholders related to the project and ensure when you are considering the advancement of
the existing system. Also, ensure that you identify goals and purposes to create or redesign a
more efficient system.
This signifies that you are not just reviewing the system in isolation, you are considering all
design restrictions, system architecture, database design, hardware, and software design, and
most importantly the system security and integrity controls.
You should consider the company demographics, technology that needs overhauling, because
your team will develop a database to support the new application. The new system, which you
are to develop, will be a client/server-based model to take advantage of new technologies and
begin moving the library toward new computer technologies and innovation.

Final Project Information
3 | P a g e
3. Template/Outline Suggestion
To help you understand how to complete the final project, please see below suggested
heading outlines. Note that this is not exhaustive and merely a suggestion. You need to
customize your report with subheadings. You can choose to utilize an existing template for
your project. Your group can decide on a different template if you use a professional format
for the final report and PowerPoint presentation. Remember to include design materials in
the appendix of your proposal in the order they appear in the report.
Cover Page
Table of Content
Executive Summary
Problem Statement
Company Profile (justification for job consideration)
Partnerships and Alliances (list them with brief information on work completed)
Client Requirements
Technology Overview:
Technology Specifications
Project Charter (Detailed)
Project Management Approach
Implementation Phases
Project Deliverables
Exit Strategy
Roles and Responsibilities:
Training Plan
Development Plans
Response to Specific Requirements
Capital Budget
Problem Solution

Final Project Information
4 | P a g e
Appendix Section: (feel free to add any of these in the body of the report where appropriate)
Network Diagram
Sample Database
SDLC Diagram
Structure Charts
Gantt Chart
Deployment Diagrams
Decomposition Diagram
Context Diagram and Narrative/Legend
Hardware Cost Projections
To reiterate, you can choose any public library as a prototype. Each group will choose a team
leader/project manager to run this project. The system you select must be evaluated
for redesigning. This would help to streamline the business, and the redesigning will serve the
customers better, and reduce costs.
The due date for project updates and for the final project and presentation can be found in
the course syllabus. Proper spelling and good grammar are mandatory in all writing
assignments. Do not Plagiarize.
Also, remember this is a team assignment, so ensure you work together as team. Weekly team
members are required for efficiency and on-time completion of tasks.
4. Plagiarism and Overuse of Referenced Materials
Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s work without giving credit to the original author.
Giving credit to the original author is accomplished by using citations in the body of your
paper and a list of references as a separate page at the end of your paper. This course uses a
plagiarism checking software program to scan for work taken from outside sources. Papers
containing plagiarism offenses will receive a grade of “0” and additional disciplinary action
by the College.
Even if students give proper credit to the original author, most of any paper needs to be
original work by the student. Referenced source materials are used to support your
position, not to take the place of it. Papers containing more than 10%-15% content taken
from other sources may receive grade deductions as deemed appropriate by the instructor.

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