CU The Homeland Security Essay

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For this assignment, I would like for you to again consider the discussions, assigned reading and other class materials to answer the questions below:

  1. What does the term “All Hazards” mean and what are the benefits of All Hazards planning?
  2. Review the USA PATRIOT ACT and the USA FREEDOM ACT. Explain the main points of the USA PATRIOT ACT and why you support the ACT or feel it infringed too greatly on our constitutional rights. Explain the purpose of the USA FREEDOM ACT and whether or not it accomplishes its goal. Do you agree with Congress’s decision not to renew the ACT in 2020?
  1. Explain Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 and why it is important to our nation’s response to natural and man made disasters.
  2. Explain the makeup and organization of the Department of Homeland Security, its 5 missions and what changes you would make in order to insure a more efficient and effective agency.
  3. Please list and detail at least 4 incidents that have occurred in the U.S. over the last 10 years that have involved both right and left wing extremism.
  4. DHS defines 16 sectors of Critical Infrastructure. List all 16 sectors and then explain which one you believe is the most critical and what you would do to insure its continued functionality in the event of a major disruption.
  5. Define the term “Mitigation” and give 2 examples of disaster or security mitigation.
  6. If you were a local Emergency Management Director for a coastal town in South Carolina, what would be your three top priorities to mitigate the effects of a Category IV hurricane in your community?

What to do:

  • Consider the modules, our text, and our discussions board posts.
  • Conduct further problem solving research.
  • Compose a comprehensive research paper minimum of 600 words to answer the questions posed above. You paper should be divided into 8 different sections coinciding with the 8 questions.
  • Paper must be written in APA format with 4 total academic sources one source being the text from Martin, G. (2020). Understanding Homeland Security (3rd ed). Sage Publications.

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