Critical Inquiry project

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  • Week 14Click for more optionsIntroductionThis week, we will complete the ePortfolio project.TaskTo complete the project, you will need to get some feedback from peers, make your final edits. and submit your work.Process
    1. Ask a classmate to review your first draft. Request that he use the CILO rubrics to evaluate it.
    2. Examine your classmate’s comments carefully.
    3. Edit your first draft.
    4. Edit the second draft.
    5. Review your third draft by comparing it to the CILO rubrics.
    6. Go to Task 6.11.4 and submit your essay.

    AssessmentThis task is not directly assessed. however, it contributes to the ePortfolio project grade which is worth 15% of your course grade.Please remember that your ePortfolio project will be assessed against CILO1, 2, 3, and 4 rubrics Click for more optionsDeadlineEstimated completion time: 6 hours.Your completed ePortfolio project will be due at 2 pm on Thursday, April 1.NextGo on to task 6.11.4 and submit your ePortfolio Project.

  • Assignment

    AT5 ePortfolio project N

    IntroductionAfter 2 weeks of hard work, your ePortfolio Project is complete.TaskSubmit your essay. This assignment will be a 5 paragraph essay ranging from 800-1200 words and will be submitted via Blackboard. You will choose 1 of the 4 Discussion Questions presented in Week 10 (Task 6.11.1) to write about and conduct research. Incorporate at least 3 academic sources. Your essay and sources should all be cited according to APA style.Process

    1. Click on the title of this assignment to open it.
    2. Either paste your text into the text editor box by clicking WRITE SUBMISSION or attach a PDF version of your essay file by clicking BROWSE MY COMPUTER.

    AssessmentThis task is assessed using the AT 5, 6, 7_CILO 1, 2, 3, 4 Summative Assessment Rubric N.pdf Click for more options This is worth 15% of your course grade.Deadline2 pm on Thursday, April 1.NextWeekly refection.

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