critical essay surveillance

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Take a critical look at the issue of surveillance; the digital technologies and their part in enabling deep levels of surveillance in society. Surveillance is/can be implemented by variety of particular technological tools and solutions (phones, cars, AI, web, big data etc.) Choose a concrete solution and review its impact on person/society.

Use the “holographic” approach and utilize all lenses. Describe examples.

  • Ensure you cover the areas related to “shipwreck” (when the system breaks) and “pirate” (how it can be abused/destroyed etc.)
  • Reflect/highlight the issues of power (Foucault) and Webers Iron Cage.
  • Support your statements, quote sources and include footnotes.

Help: Your text should provide information, interpretation, and evaluation of the topic. The information should help your reader to understand the nature of the topics under analysis. The interpretation should explain the meaning of the topics, therefore requiring your in depth understanding of it. The evaluation will discuss your opinions of the topics and present valid justification for them.

Your Essay should be written in a clear and concise manner and should have an argument or an explanation as to your personal stand or conclusion (or why no conclusion can be reached at this time).


  • Use APA style
  • Use title page: give a name/title to your essay & state the word count
  • Include Abstract
  • Include Bibliography
  • Use Footnotes (not End Notes)
  • Check proper English
  • Your report must be no more than 1500 words and no less than 1,300 words (Note: Abstract and footnotes are not included in word count). Points may be deducted for each and every word outside these limits.

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