create a financial report for your specific business that demonstrates mastery

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Description: Using Microsoft Excel, create a financial report for your specific business that demonstrates mastery of

1.)Break even analysis, 2.)Start Up Expenses, 3.) Profit and Loss forecast (P&L), 4.)Sales Projections for your 1st year, 5.) Balance sheet. Make sure to explain your numbers at the bottom of each sheet to obtain a full grade.

You can use any numbers and calculation that make sense to you. My business this is all for is a WINE and Dine bed and breakfast at a vineyard. Name of my place is suppose to be called Serenity Inn is a Breakfast and Bed spot that sits on 80 serene acres surrounded by grape vineyards, mountains, and hardwood forest. Our potential customer includes any person or family that seeks a stress-free environment to enjoy their leisure. The spot has been operational for the last five years. Its primary goal is to offer perfect and private accommodation for our esteemed customers and make them feel like they are in a different world characterized by peace and luxury.

What’s more, Serenity Inn offers extra services beyond bed and breakfast, which has given it a competitive advantage since its foundation. First, our guest rooms and secluded chalets provide unquestionable privacy and a chance for customers to make their preferred meals and have free wine. Secondly, our cottages include wood-burning fireplaces to create that cozy wit for our customers. Thirdly, the place comes with a free horse and hot-air balloon ride to explore the surrounding environs. Additionally, customers can visit the vineyards, pickup grapes, and make their wine. Fundamentally, Serenity Inn is Utopia.


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