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find a company ( and let us create an assumption that i want work with them)

( my degrees and skills , all of it are going to be ( assumption)

The first paragraph should state why you are

writing. Identify the position you are seeking and
the source from which you learned of the
opportunity (company website, Hatter Jobs, professor, etc.). If you are inquiring about potential opportunities, describe the type of position you are seeking. Specific statements are far more effective than vague generalities. Specify your interest in and reflect your knowledge of the organization and position. Capture the interest of the reader in these opening lines. This paragraph may be only two to three sentences.

The second paragraph should make the connection between the position requirements and your background, skills and experiences. Show from your research why you are impressed with the employer. (Letters that take this specific, marketing-oriented approach are usually far more successful than generic letters. Begin with the position description—what is the hiring manager looking for? Approach your letter from the employer’s perspective. Highlight these skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Pick three or four that you can prove you possess.

Do not simply repeat your résumé. Your cover letter serves to draw out themes from your résumé. Outline the strongest and most relevant skills and qualifications you have to contribute. Back up these statements with specific examples—offer the reader proof of your skills.

The final paragraph should restate your enthusiasm and interest in the position, along with a future plan of action. Indicate a fit or match between you and the organization or opportunity. If you provide a follow up date, be sure to do so within that time frame. (Create a system to record what you have sent to whom and when you have indicated you will follow up. Note any follow-up.) If necessary, specify your preferred or most reliable contact information (email, phone, mail). Show your appreciation to the reader for their time and consideration.



extra info


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