contacts and leases clauses

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For this portion of your project you will be writing a contract for the business that you identified for the first part of your project. Based on the nature of your business, you will either be creating a Contract for Services Rendered or a Contract for the Sale of Goods. As a business owner it is important to draft a contract that you can use multiple times with the ability to modify it based on the needs of the contracting parties or the nature of the contract.

  1. In the first part of your contract, you need to identify the parties, the nature of the agreement (i.e. particular services or goods). Create a hypothetical situation based on your business that would require a contract.
  2. Include the standard boilerplate information that is contained in many contracts and modify them to be relevant to your contract. For example, you need to pick the proper jurisdiction for a choice of law/forum clause based on the location of your business. In particular, you will need to include the following clauses:
    • Merger and Integration
    • Choice of Law and Forum
    • Indemnification Language
    • Time of Performance
    • Arbitration
    • Savings (Severability)
    • Attorney Fees
    • Non-Waiver
    • Liquidated Damages
  3. Your contract needs to have proper formatting. Conduct research that highlights the different ways to structure your contract. The contract should be easy to read by all parties. Separate the parts of the contract with titles and be sure to clearly identify and number the various clauses. Make sure that your contract contains all of the basic elements that must be contained within every contract.

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