Conscious State – 2 Responses

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 In response to your peers, please aim for at least one paragraph that provides additional information, a different perspective, or a follow-up question related to their post. Maintain a respectful and supportive tone, acknowledging and appreciating their contributions. The goal is to engage in a collaborative learning environment, allowing everyone to explore the topic further and deepen their understanding of the subject matter. 


This is known, worldwide, as the Silva (Jose Silva) method and has to do with change of consciousness, specifically the deliberate alteration of brain wave frequency.

Our normal, waking, consciousness consists mainly of the beta brain wave frequency. The alteration, during a small portion of the waking hours, is mostly to Alpha. And, the reason for this alteration is to increase our knowledge of the whole reality picture, the interlocking and previously unknown facts of our existence. It is to realize the purpose of the individual. It is to connect us with other people’s minds at a deeper level. It is not, actually, just hypnosis.

It’s to get a clearer picture of our personal life, and the life of all.

What I have learned from Jose Silva is that to benefit from these teachings our main concern must be for everyone. Not for ourselves, but for everyone else. With that one benefits themselves.

#1. I first heard of Jose Silva during the 1970’s. When I learned I must pay hundreds of dollars to attend a class, I dismissed the idea of learning anything more from him.

About 2 years ago, I became curious about Jose Silva and his teachings.

Then, with far less money than in the 1970’s  I began training my mind with the audio recordings of Silva Ultramind. My life started to shift, and I had less anxiety. My luck even improved and miracles came into my life. I also had better insight into the best next decisions to make for my life.

I want to learn more about going into the Alpha state without recordings. I have been able to, but still need the recording sometimes. This will take practice.

  #2.  One topic related to consciousness that interests me would have to be the state of consciousness that leads us to dreaming. I am fascinated with dreams because of how realistic they can be. Some believe dreams have symbolic meaning, whereas others believe they relate to waking life. Scientists know that almost everyone dreams every time they sleep, and those dreams can be fascinating, exciting, terrifying, or just plain weird. Dreams are highly visual, in full color, rich in shapes, full of movement, and incorporate typical wakefulness categories such as people, faces, places, objects, and animals. Still, to this day, precisely why we dream is not known.
     This topic is essential for mental health professionals and how it could be applied in my future career because consciousness in psychology refers to awareness of internal processes like thinking, feeling, sensing, and perceiving. It can also mean the awareness of memories and your control over your behaviors. Consciousness has several biological and social purposes, and understanding different levels of consciousness can help healthcare professionals spot signs that someone might be experiencing a problem. There are also theories of consciousness.                              Additionally, The aspect of consciousness and dreaming I would want to learn more about would be why we dream and what makes us dream. It just amazes me how wild and vivid dreams can be as well as how simple and dull others can be. I really want to know what factors decide these results.

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