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health condition peds

Topic: Diabetes Mellitus for the pediatric age- project must be done for a child understanding

First part- can be done and developed into a Power point or for print outs to be pasted in a post board and presented

a. Develop nursing diagnosis (NANDA)
b. Develop two (2) learning objectives
c. State methodology (teaching methods)
d. Provide and utilize teaching aids
e. State needed resources
4. Implementation: Outline (step by step)

2nd part Evaluation: Evaluate your project describing the effectiveness of teaching methods and aids,
learner’s response, ability to meet objectives, and self-evaluation including what the student
learned and what the student would do differently in the future. A copy of the entire teaching
plan with the evaluation of patient learning

This write-up should be 2-3 pages. Write up is based off the above first part of the project

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