complete two assignments as required

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Read the third, fourth and fifth chapters of the book and complete the following two pieces. Please give me two documents respectively. Write one page for each question!!

1.Email test #1

Proofread and format properly.

In your role as a human resource specialist, you help new employees determine which retirement benefit packages best fit their personal needs. After spending the entire morning meeting separately with three people about the same issues, you realize that you typically ask each person the same questions.

Rather than continuing to take the time to collect this information in person, you decide it would be more efficient to have employees prepare this information ahead of time. Your questions involve their current age and planned retirement age, minimum level of annual income needed in retirement for recurring expenses, anticipated special circumstances in retirement (such as children’s college tuition or weddings), desired lifestyle during retirement, and current rate of savings. You also need to know whether they prefer low-risk investments that are more stable and pay less return or high-risk investments that may provide high returns.

Prepare an email that you would send out to all new employees in the future to gather this data as they enter the company. Make sure you include a statement that you are available to schedule individual appointments to discuss retirement packages. Also tell them that you would like them to prepare typed responses to these questions when you meet with them.


To: (Leave this blank)

From: (Your email address)

Subject: (You supply the subject line)

In the body of the email, make sure you are welcoming to them, since they are new employees

In the body of the email, make it easy for them to see all the questions you want them to address.

At the end of the email, make sure you give your name, title, phone.

2.E-mail 2: Sales Message; (Unsolicited)

As a representative of a large, popular mail-order house, L.L. Bean, write an e-mail to consumers to promote insulated boots (Hardy Boots) made of water-resistant leather. The boots are ideal for work or sport. Remember to give positive info about the company in your opener.

They are available in:

  • Men’s sizes 7-12 and widths B-E
  • Sell for $72.99 (5 inches high) or $82.99 (7 inches high).

They have a one-year warranty: If a leak occurs because of defects in material or manufacture, the boots will be replaced. Tell them that you are attaching an order form

Payment may be made by check or charge card. Make it easy for them to respond!!

Your heading:


Subject: New Waterproof Boot


In the closing: Your name

Sales Representative

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