Complete Short Technical Essay

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TE 511 Technical Education

Assignment 1: Essay 1


In summarizing points from Chapter 2 of your text (also provided in power point lectures, you are asked to explore the point of “Developing Vocational Education”. In doing so, you are asked to develop a 5 paragraph (with complete/concise sentences) essay to discuss. This Expository Essay will enable you to reveal and discuss valid points on how Vocational (Technical Education) developed. See format below.

Title page

Essay Body:

I. Introduction

II. Body (with 3 paragraphs)

A. Types of vocational program (you can list two and discuss)

B. Acts the promoted the development or expansion of these programs (you can discuss two)

C. In overall impact of these Acts (discuss the Acts that you previous listed and explain who education is impacted today by such Acts.

III. Conclusion

Provide a short reference page if you use the text, power points, and/or another source.

DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. This should completed in times new roman text with 12 point font. Submit in Ms Word (no PDF or other version accepted).

See additional tools that will help you in formatting Essay in APA.… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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