compare how people from different countries celebrate halloween

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Conduct research on the event’s culture.

Consult at least four sources.

  • Although not required, avoid web pages as sources, and focus on Foothill Libary Database searches or Google Scholar finds.
  • There is an easy way to go about the research. That is – connect the event or culture with key vocabulary terms form the book. Let’s say I am going to do the Persian New Year (Norouz). I could research “Persian New Year and symbolism” or “Persian Culture high or low context” Basically, I am taking keywords from the textbook and plugging them into the search engine alongside the name of my event. You do not have to go about your research this way – it is just a tip for a starting point
  • Write 3 – 4 paragraphs about what you learned about the event, place, or person’s culture and communication.
  • Properly cite the four sources using APA formatting.
  • Please use the textbook attachment bellow.

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