comparative analysis annotated bibliography engl 1302 my topic environmental education

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Annotated Bibliography Instructions

Overview: For this assignment, you will prepare a bibliography (collection of sources) with a minimum of ten sources listed in proper MLA citation format (in alphabetical order by first author’s last name). These must be sources that you are using for the Comparative Analysis Essay. Of the sources listed, a minimum of two must be from an electronic database (Academic Search Complete [EBSCO], Project Muse, or JSTOR). You need a variety of “voices” in the conversation that present interesting or strange ideas in interesting or strange ways (the sources should intrigue you, puzzle you, lead you to analyze them, lead you to explore implications and draw conclusions—NOT just report facts). Think in terms of the Rhetorical Analysis Essay. You are analyzing the rhetoric of several sources and comparing and contrasting patterns and contradictions among them for the Comparative Analysis Essay.

For each source you must include a paragraph of notes (several sentences) concerning that source.

  • ï‚· At least one sentence summarizes argument/main ideas (X/Y sentence).
  • ï‚· At least one sentence analyzes patterns and contradictions in the source’s ideas, key terms, etc.
  • ï‚· Other sentences should be justification for why this source matters to the analysis (so what? Implications?) and comparison among sources. You will write 100+ words (annotations) for each source. You may put as many entries on a page as fit on the page. You should not place one entry per page (see student example on class website). Each entry will be worth 10 points, and you should have a minimum of ten sources. If you do not have ten sources, you will lose 10 points for each entry that is missing. If you provide additional sources, I will grade the first ten and compute a score. Then, I will grade the rest of your entries to supplement your score. If your first ten entries are worth 87 points, and you add one extra entry in which you earn 8 points, your grade will be a 95. I will not, however, exceed 100 points. Furthermore, I would advise you that quality is always more important than quantity. Do not add several sources and do a poor job. You are best served by making sure your first 10 sources and annotations are done correctly. This is not a difficult assignment, but takes time for researching, critically reading, analyzing, and proper documenting of sources. Please start early and proceed at a methodical pace. Please email me with any questions, but if you are not sure how to document a source, provide any information you do have as well as a description of the source or link to the source, so I can

assist you. Use the GEARS website power points to help with evaluating, analyzing, synthesizing, and documenting sources in addition to your LB Brief Handbook.

Basic Requirements: 10 annotated bibliography entries, MLA format, 100-word min. per annotation

Audience: The audience for this assignment is college-level and includes people who may be interested in the research you have conducted. Be mindful of following other academic writing conventions (no slang, no evaluative adjectives, and so on). Use strong present tense verbs (argues, implies, discusses, creates, stresses, analyzes, concludes, reveals, suggests, claims, concedes, warns, etc.)

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