Company issue “Looking for Robert F Only”

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This is the first component of your course project.

Identify an Ethical Issue

In this assignment, you should consider what a company-wide ethical dilemma looks like. eBook Weiss, J.W. (2014). Business ethic: A Stakeholder and issues management approach.

You will first need to identify a current or potential ethical dilemma at a real company. This could be a company where you are now employed, your former employer, a friend’s company, or another company with which you are familiar. The issue should also be something that needs to be addressed with an organizational policy inside the company. In other words, you believe that a policy change would be better than other courses of action (such as disciplinary action toward an individual employee, or external action by the government or a nonprofit). You do not have to create a policy at this time, but be prepared to explain why implementing a policy would be the right choice. Note: The issue you select for this assignment will be used in the Unit 7 assignment and your final project in Unit 10. This assignment length of paper: 750–1,250 words, or 3–5 typed, double-spaced pages. Font and Font Size: Arial, 10 point. Support your choices with cited concepts

For example, a company may choose to videotape the office and read employee e-mails. The conflict here may be that employees feel these practices are a violation of privacy and feel they have a right to a certain level of the privacy. However, stakeholders defend these practices because their concerns are whether the employees are getting their work done.

Assignment Instructions

Identify the ethical issue. Using best practices for academic writing, write an essay that covers all of the following:

    • Explain why you chose this particular issue and why you believe it is important.
    • Describe other stakeholders for this ethical issue, and what concerns they are likely to have.
    • Explain why you believe that an organizational policy is the right way to resolve the issue.
    • Describe how this particular issue might be related to larger problems that affect your community, the country, or the world. Is the issue currently in the media spotlight? Are there any recent incidents or reasons why this issue has come to the public’s attention?

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