Colorado Technical University Online Grandiose and Persecutory Disorders Discussion

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After viewing the video with Mrs. Warren, Delusional Disorder Grandiose Type and Ray, Delusional Disorder Persecutory Type, discuss the presentation observed that fits the criteria for this disorder. What other criteria would be needed to confirm this diagnosis? Professional terminology is required. Must provide 3-4 paragraphs. If you can not open the videos, the transcript is provided below.

Mrs. Warren:

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:29] Hi Mrs. Warren, nice to see you again. How are you doing?

MRS. WARREN: [00:00:33] OK.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:34] Can you tell me about why you came to the emergency room tonight?

MRS. WARREN: [00:00:38] Feeling unappreciated.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:40] Oh tell me about that.

MRS. WARREN: [00:00:42] I’m supposed to be the president.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:44] President of what?

MRS. WARREN: [00:00:44] Of all countries.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:48] Wow. That’s a lot to be president of.

MRS. WARREN: [00:00:51] Exactly. And nobody cares.

OFF CAMERA: [00:00:53] Who doesn’t care?

MRS. WARREN: [00:00:55] Mom, neighbors, the people at the shelter. Nobody.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:01] Tell me about being president.

MRS. WARREN: [00:01:04] It’s who I am.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:06] When did you become president?

MRS. WARREN: [00:01:09] Yesterday.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:10] Was there an election or did someone appoint you?

MRS. WARREN: [00:01:14] It just happened.

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:15] And no one believes you?

MRS. WARREN: [00:01:18] Do you?

OFF CAMERA: [00:01:19] Well that’s quite a fantastic thing to believe. President of the world.

MRS. WARREN: [00:01:25] You’re like them. I have to go. I have lots to do.


[OFF CAMERA:] Ray, have you been distracted lately, under stress?

[RAY:] No and no. Nothing like that.

[OFF CAMERA:] Then what do you feel is wrong?

[RAY:] It’s Professor Yu.

[OFF CAMERA:] What’s wrong with Professor Yu?

[RAY:] He has it out for me, okay.

[OFF CAMERA:] Why do you feel that?

[RAY:] He gives me this nasty look every time I come into class. I sit in the back row now.

[OFF CAMERA:] Why do you think he gives you nasty looks?

[RAY:] I mean I talked during his first class. Maybe that’s it.

[OFF CAMERA:] Why do you feel this would affect your grade?

[RAY:] He’s messing with me. I mean, he’s sabotaging my grades. I think he knows this is a no-fail option for me. I need this credit. I’m trying to graduate early. He’s screwing with me.

[OFF CAMERA:] Is there something more than talking in class that could have contributed to this?

[RAY:] He said something to me the first week… Made me suspicious.

[OFF CAMERA:] What was that?

[RAY:] He said… uh… it was something like: “Ray… you can’t skip ahead, your gonna mess yourself up.” And then he wrote on my home work too, he said… he said: “what are you doing here?”

[OFF CAMERA:] Do you think he could have been referring to a specific homework problem? Perhaps he didn’t understand the logic in your equation?

[RAY:] No. He’s trying to get me out of his class. He has it in for me. I don’t think it was just the talking on the first day. I can tell he doesn’t like me. He hates me. Maybe he’s a racist or something. Doesn’t like Americans, bitter he doesn’t have tenure and taking it out on me.

[OFF CAMERA:] And just going back for a second, what was it he said to you again?

[RAY:] He said, “Ray, you can’t skip ahead, your gonna mess yourself up.”

[OFF CAMERA:] What does that mean to you?

[RAY:] It means get the hell out of my class or I’m going to flunk you.

[OFF CAMERA:] How did he say it to you?

[RAY:] Venom, pure venom in his voice. He’s trying to get me.

[OFF CAMERA:] Are there any other people in the class that are flunking?

[RAY:] No! The class is a sinch! Everybody gets hundred percents and straight A’s! I get the “D”! The only freaking failing grade in the class, that’s got to tell you something!

[OFF CAMERA:] Have you seen everyone else’s grades?

[RAY:] Well, no, not every one’s. But it’s an easy class. I was just able to see my friends grade.

[OFF CAMERA:] And what was that?

[RAY:] A “B”.

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