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In the 1980s, Pepsi and Coca-Cola engaged in what became known as the Cola Wars. During this time period Pepsi regularly conducted taste-tests to support their claim that more Americans preferred Pepsi than Coke. Initially Pepsi was successful in maintaining its claim as the preferred cola. Taste-tests were conducted at place like county fairs where the consumer was given blind taste-test and was asked to sample two cola beverages and declare which cola he/she preferred. If the participant chose Pepsi, he/she would be awarded some small trinket, like an “I took the Pepsi Taste Test Challenge” button or some type of coupon for a free Pepsi.

In this week’s discussion address the following:

Could Coca-Cola have conducted a similar study and produced the same results? Why was Pepsi able to produce results that theirs was the preferred cola? Be specific. Give examples. Defend your response.

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