cmis 330 srs project

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You have been asked to lead a software development team to build a system fulfilling the Statement of Need below. Your team is employed by a small company. The customer wants a project that balances reasonable development cost, timely delivery, software quality, and functionality. In this project, you will perform preliminary system engineering and create an analysis model for this system. (See Module 3: Methodologies and Application Domain Issues, Figure 3.1 of the course module commentaries for an overview of the elements of an analysis model). Completing this project will require that you do the following:  Develop initial notes of the structure/functionality of the system.  Produce an initial system specification document for the system.  Develop a detailed scenario based model by writing use cases and develop an activity diagram.  Create a behavioral model that identifies events with a use case  Produce a software requirements specification (SRS) Your SRS will provide the foundation for Projects 2 through 4, so it must:  Describe the customer requirements  Establish the basis for software design  Be testable, flexible, and traceable. Statement of Need John and Jane are starting a bed-and-breakfast (B&B) in a small New England town. They will have four bedrooms for guests. They want a system to manage the reservations and to monitor expenses and profits. When a potential customer calls for a reservation, they will check the calendar, and if there is a vacancy, they will enter the customer name, address, and phone number, dates, agreed upon price, credit card number, and room numbers. Reservations must be guaranteed by 1 day’s payment. Reservations will be held without guarantee for an agreed upon time. If not guaranteed by that date, the reservation will be dropped.

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