Clemson University Major Stages of Hospital Evolution Paper

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In this reflection assignment you will summarize the major stages of hospital evolution. Exhibit 8.1 on page 183 in your textbook describes the major stages of hospital evolution. The text also states the following (page 183):

“In the past 200 years or so, hospitals have gradually evolved from basic institutions of refuge for the homeless and poor, to ultramodern facilities providing the latest medical services to the critically ill and injured.”

Read chapter 8 from your textbook (paying close attention to pages 183-185) and conduct research on any stages that you need further information on. Write a minimum of 3 pages summarizing the 6 stages of hospital evolution in your own words. After you summarize the 6 stages, develop the next 2 stages that you think will take place over the next 100 years in hospitals in the United States.

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