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Scenario B – Foreboding Furniture

You have just purchased a new home and need furniture to outfit each room. On the recommendation of a friend, you order furniture for two rooms from the exclusive online furniture company, Cache Furnishings, who prides itself on original, affordable pieces that are delivered to your door in a timely manner.

On November 1, 2017 you order furniture for your dining room and living room totaling $2500; you use the measurements given on the website to ensure you order the correct sizes so the furniture would fit your spaces. All the furniture was to be delivered in time for your family Thanksgiving holiday dinner.

The furniture arrived on November 20 and the delivery man could barely get the furniture through the front door because it was so big. You quickly realized all the furniture you ordered would not fit your spaces and sent the furniture back. When you called the company to explain your dilemma, you were told you would not receive a refund because each piece made by the company is exclusive. Additionally, you were told that you would have to pay a $150 restocking fee because the furniture is not carried in the store and had to be shipped back to the warehouse. Likewise, since the furniture was dented during the transition of placing it in your home and then removing it, you would be charged a damage fee of $100.

Task: Write a letter to company president, Henrietta Zimmermann (8641 Enterprise Lane, Laramie, WY 82070), requesting reimbursement for your furniture. Include relevant details to support your claim.

Reminders—All letters should:

  • be one page in length (4 paragraphs).
  • have visual appeal.
  • include all relevant information for the user to make an informed decision.
  • appeal to audience’s expectations, attitudes, and technical background.

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