Civil War Episode Five from America The Story of US Prime Video Essay

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you only need to choose 2 films and answer the journal questions for the corresponding videos

  • MissRepresentation (on Netflix)
  • “13th” (Netflix Documentary)
  • Lincoln: Netflix
  • “Civil War” Episode 5 from America: The Story of Us (free for Prime members)


  1. Are women misrepresented in the media? Why does this cycle continue?
  2. In what ways does media depictions of the perfect woman affect young girls? How do they respond to media images of them, as they become adolescents?
  3. Do you think our culture is driven by beauty? Why or why not? Who defines the standards of beauty that are presented to us worldwide?
  4. In our society, how do we reinforce the stereotypes that the media places on women? (Meaning, how do YOU or people you know perpetuate it in everyday life?)
  5. Is there a double standard for men’s and women’s bodies? Explain your position
  6. At what age do you think media images of women start to affect younger girls? Why do you say that age?
  7. What can we do to change the way women are affected by the media telling them what they should look like?


  • How was slavery an economic system, and what did it do to the South after it was abolished?
  • What is the role of Birth of a Nation (1915) for the sentiment about Black Americans?
  • Where does ‘crime’ stand in for ‘race’? How did Nixon’s fight for ‘law and order’ relate to the ‘war on drugs?’
  • What is the issue with mandatory minimum sentences?
  • How did the fear of Black dissent lead to the death of important civil rights figures?
  • What is ALEC, and why is it important for the justice system?
  • In what ways is private businesses part of the prison system?
  • Which concerns are being discussed now between issues of police aggression? What is the heritage of that brutality, and where can we go from here?

LINCOLN (2012)

  • Consider all of the leaders depicted in the film: Lincoln, Thaddeus Stevens, Edwin Stanton, William Seward, Ulysses S. Grant, and others. What sorts of leadership styles do they portray? What persuasive tactics did each character in the film use in order to further their own cause? Which leadership style was the most effective, and why?
  • What scene from the film did you find the most powerful? Why did this scene impact you so strongly?
  • If Lincoln had waited to abolish slavery, how would our country be different? What are some of the major issues of civil rights and constitutional freedoms that our government is debating today? How might the outcomes of these debates affect our country’s future?
  • What compromises were made in this film? Why were these compromises made? When have you compromised in order to promote something you believe in?
  • Compose 5 tweets that they think their character would post if they could have used social media to sway citizens to support their political position (specify which character would say what, perhaps create a twitter name/handle for them as you type your responses)
  •   Name________________________     Extra Credit – Journal #5 – Turn of the Century Questions of Justice    Take copious notes on these film clips and readings. Then, give thoughtful responses to the following questions for each film/reading selection. For each question, bring in analysis from our weekly readings.     “The Day the Purpose of College Changed”    Why might Reagan have said that taxpayers shouldn’t be “subsidizing intellectual curiosity”? What is that he speaks of? What is your opinion on that?Why did most college students pick their college campus in the 80s? How did that differ from the previous reason?Why did YOU pick UCSD?Nurses should know what of their patients, and why? Once prisoners are released, what are they denied?What did the media do with the images surrounding “crack cocaine”?What do racial caste systems need to survive?What does Alexander say will end mass incarceration?What has college been sold as? What is going wrong with it?What type of education does Harvard value most? Why?How has the competition for prestige impacted American colleges? Students?Explain the importance of the out-of-state student for college campusesIf the college classroom is an example of real world democracy, what would make Deer Springs College unique?Why does the Cooper Union offer free tuition for all enrolled students? Who did they want to include?Higher Education Act of 1965 and its modern day contradictionsWhat are the goals of “unlearning” as an alternative to traditional educationHow is technology widening access to college courses?What are the similarities between the market crashes after 1928 and 2007?Consumer spending is ________% of the American economy. How do they keep it going? Who keeps it going?How does the government define “middle class”?What is the problem with the spending of the richer class?Is there a such thing as a completely free market? Why or why not?What “happened” in the late 1970s?Where do your dollars go when you buy an iPhone? How does it relate to globalization?Globalization and technology have done what to the incomes of Americans?What is the “virtuous cycle”?                                        “The New Jim Crow”                                    “Ivory Tower”                                                                                                  “Inequality for All”

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