Christian University Wozniack v Adesida Case Study Analysis

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Read the following case: Wozniack v. Adesida

Your grade will be out of 100, and each section will be worth 25 points. Points will be taken off for improper punctuation in the Heading; a misstatement of the Statement of the Case, missing facts in the Facts section; and either misstatements, misattributions or missing elements of the Procedural History.

For the Heading, look closely at each element of the Heading. What does each number, letter, etc. mean?

For the Statement of the Case read closely pages 20-23 in the Elements Chapter 2 reading and note how much you must think to get one sentence right. Do not just write the first sentence that you can think of relevant to the case, actually “state the entire case.”

For the facts, at this point, I would rather you include too many facts rather than not enough. Make sure you understand the relationships and state them clearly. This section need not be in complete sentences, bullet points are fine.

For the procedural history, you must unpack and define words that you do not understand to get this right. There is a lot of discussion about procedure in this case. Make sure you understand where the case originated and how this court factored that into its decision.

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