Children Self Esteem and Self Concept Responses

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1. Influences on children’s Perception of self is the topic I picked to research. I picked this topic because I found it interesting how children develop positive concepts and feelings about themselves; “according to research, children; self-concept and self-esteem are influenced by their family and peer relationships, the environments in which they live and some of their characteristics (Frine & Eccles, 1998)”(Martin, 2006, p.404). There is a lot of things that can be said about this topic overall. 



   The first link talks about how parents’ perceptions of their children affect there child’s self and grades. ” Results showed that parents’ perceptions mediate the relation between children’s grades and children’s self and task perceptions in both domains. Parents’ perceptions had a stronger influence on children’s perceptions than children’s grades. Significant but low correlations between gender and self and task perceptions were found in both math and English.”(Frome, Eccles, 1998).

   The second link talks about how gender and sex-role influences can affect children’s self-esteem. They even have some research done on, “two nontraditionally sex?typed groups, androgynous children were found to have more positive school competence beliefs than were undifferentiated children”(Gillis, Connell, 1989).


Like the book suggest the relationship with the caregivers and peers matter, and on both websites, they talk about how that played a role in their research and experiments. The book suggests that “children who have warm and secure relationships with their parents and other caregivers, generally have positive concepts and feelings about themselves.”(Martin, 2006, p.404). It seems as a child will have something deloped in one of the three categories in “figure 13.2″(Martin, 2006, p.406)  in response to the two websites. A child will develop and express one of the three; Social and Cultural conditions, Physical appearance, or relationship with caregivers and peers. All three are taking into consideration when we look at the influences on a child and the perception of self.

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