Child Nutrition Act Policy Discussion

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I’m studying for my Social Science class and need an explanation.

I’m working on a social science multi-part question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Please answer questions thoroughly (Child Nutrition Act policy). Paragraph form for each question.

  • Is this social policy doing what it is supposed to do? If not, why?
  • In what ways can this social policy be changed to better address the needs and concerns of those it is designed to assist (e.g., close gaps in services, coordinate with related programs, increase funding, and change eligibility criteria)?
  • Does one political party support this policy more than another? If yes, why?
  • Who opposes this policy and would like to change or eliminate it? Who supports this policy?
  • How can the social policy could be improved and what steps or actions would be necessary to achieve those improvements, such as changes in existing legislation, changes in administrative rules, or the creation of incentives to adhere to the policy.

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