Chaucer Knights Tale Quiz

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Read Chaucer: Knight’s Tale then answer the questions.…

1) What does Palamon say to support his greater claim to love Emily, over Arcite?

a. Palamon met Emily first

b. Arcite is crippled and therefore unworthy

c. Palamon is the older brother

d. Emily is in love with Palamon

2) What has tortured Arcite?

a. His feelings about Theseus

b. Knowing he cannot be king

c. The depth of his love for Emily

d. The killings at Thebes

3) What sentence do the princes receive at Thebes from Theseus?

a. Life in prison with no chance of release

b. A life of slavery

c. Exile from their home country

d. Execution

4) Why does Theseus attack Thebes and kill Creon?

a. Creon was gathering an army to attack Athens

b. Theseus and Creon were brothers who hated each other

c. Creon had forbidden the Thebian women from burying their dead

d. Creon killed Theseus’ father

5) Who ends up marrying Emily?

a. Arcite

b. Theseus

c. Creon

d. Palamon

6) Which passage shows the influence of the gods on the outcome of the duel between Arcite and Palamon?

a. The altar fires began to burn so bright / That Mars’s temple soon was all alight.The floor gave up an odor sweet and grand.

b. The statue’s hauberk then began to ring, / And with the sound was heard a murmuring: Though low and dim, and word was “Victory!”

c. A Fury sent from Pluto bounded right
/ Out of the ground (sent by request, of course, / Of Saturn), which so
frightened Arcite’s horse / It turned and reared

d. “Mine’s the ruin of many high built halls, / The falling of the towers and the walls / On carpenter and miner.”

7) Which passage best illustrates the chivalrous behavior Arcite exhibits toward Palamon, just before his death?

a. But I bequeath the service of my spirit
/ To you above all creatures on the earth, / Since now my life must
end, for what it’s worth.

b. In all this world right now I know of none / So worthy to be loved as Palamon, / Who serves you and will do so all his life.

c. Alas, the woe, alas, the pain so strong / That for you I have suffered for so long!

d. Accept, I pray, my humble sacrifice.

8) Which passage explains why Arcite is upset when he is released from prison?

a. Fate’s passed to you the dice to seek the prize, / You have her sight, which I no more shall see.

b. Of sleep and meat and drink he had so
little / That lean and dry he grew, shaftlike and brittle; / His eyes
were hollow, ghastly to behold, / His sallow skin like ashes pale and

c. Now when he had endured a year or so / This cruel torment, all this pain and woe…

d. So feeble were his spirits and so low /
That, if he spoke, no man would ever know / Him by his speech or voice,
he had so changed.

9) Which passage gives us information about Theseus’ economic or social status?

a. That land was won, the realm of Femeny / By Theseus and by his chivalry…

b. This duke of whom I spoke, when he
almost / Had reached the gates of town with all his host, / In such high
spirits and so full of pride…

c. Of Athens he was lord and governor, / And in his time was such a conqueror

d. This worthy Theseus, when he had slain /
Creon and captured Thebes, chose to remain / Upon the field that night
to take his rest…

10) The idea of courtly love connects to the
idea of “lovesickness”, the physical effects of unrequited love. Which
passage best illustrates how this affects Arcite after his banishment?

a. “In earnest,” Arcite said, “is what I say! God help me, I’ve no mind for joking now.”

b. “Why did you cry? Has someone done you
wrong? / For God’s love, it’s the patient gets along / In prison, that’s
the way it has to be.”

c. He picked up a large mirror then to see
/ The great change in his color, the degree / To which his face looked
like another kind.

d. Though death be dreaded, I’ll be seeing
there / My lady whom I love and serve, and I / Shall not, in her dear
presence, fear to die.”

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