Chapter 9 Comprehension: Text Structures and Teaching procedures

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ED 504 Chapter Synthesis Presentation. 

Textbook- Gunning, T. G. (2013). Creating literacy instruction for all students. (10th ed) Boston: Pearson. 

Directions to chapter Synthesis.
The purpose is to demonstrate understanding of the assigned reading component. One of the
course objectives is to select and adapt best practices of evidence-based research that focus on diverse strategies for developing and enhancing Literacy skills in the five components of reading (phonics, phonological awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.)

Your task is to read the chapter assigned to you thoroughly and design a lesson to teach based on the chapter concept on one of the foundational skills.

You will share a summary of the concepts in the chapter and your main presentation will be to
teach the foundational skills lesson discussed in the chapter.

Feel free to do your research from the textbook or in other journals. The focus should be to elicit as much as possible the reading component in the chapter by connecting the theory and  your practical application in your classroom.

Reflection: Reflection of how the concept is important and how it applies to your professional
growth as an educator or how you can apply the information in your future classroom. What
surprised or worried you about what you are learned from the chapter. Share anything you read in the chapter that you still don’t get right or are still confused to use. How would you present the topic better next time? What questions do you still have and what would you want to know more about the specific chapter topic and teaching skills? Upload your chapter and the foundational skills presented.

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