Cerritos College Impact of Human Habitation on The Environment Paper

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Project Description

  1. Chose a topic of interest from what we have discussed in class or come up with one of your own  involving a specific human impact on the environment. Need ideas?  (Links to an external site.)
  2. Check the module. There is a word document with many ideas. Check the internet. It’s full of good ideas for a paper. It’s where I got the list in word document.
  3. Research your topic in order to describe and explain the environmental issues that arise due to this your specific human impact.
  4. Connect the topics we have been discussing in class with the issue you chose to research. Does your human impact arise due to population growth or is due to  climate change? As you saw, many of our impacts on the environment are multilayered and if you can, connect our impacts to as many as our areas of study as possible.  
  5. What solutions have been made to address the issue you identified. What are some alternative ways to get the same things without harming the environment? If no solutions are out there yet, what solutions can you propose?
  6. What personal thoughts and opinions do you have on this topic? You must take a stance, form and explain your opinion. Why do you feel the way that you do about the topic? What are your going to do about it?
  7. Say Something. Write a letter to an elected officials about your thoughts, The only way to make a difference is to let your thoughts known by our elected officials. Please include a copy of the letter. 
  8. List any new significant vocabulary needed in order to understand the issue on which you chose to do research.

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