Computer_System Connection Table





It is important to know the different interconnections each system has. IT systems do not operate alone in the modern enterprise, so securing them involves securing their interfaces with other systems as well. Complete the  IT System Connection Table for four different IT systems. The table is uploaded. Note two systems they connect with and their connection type.  Note two security vulnerabilities the system may have and 2 to 4 ways each vulnerability could be potentially exploited

pleaseanswer these 3 questions

2. Provide an example of when a first-in, first-out (FIFO) rule for queue discipline would not be appropriate.

Please answer Questions 3 and 4 based on the problem given below. Please do not use any computer software to answer these questions.

A single-server queuing system with an infinite calling population and a first-come, first-served queue discipline has the following arrival and service rates:

λ = 16 customers per hour

µ = 24 customers per hour

Please use QM for Windows to solve the problem given below. Answer Questions 5 and 6 based on your results from QM for Windows.

A multiple-server queuing system with an infinite calling population and a first-come, first-served queue discipline has the following arrival and service rates:

λ= the arrival rate = 50 customers per hour

µ = the service rate = 20 customers per hour

c = number of servers = 3

5. a. Determine the probability that there will be no waiting time for a customer.

b. Determine the probability that there will be 2 customers in the system.

c. Determine the probability that there will be less than or equal to 4 customers in the system.

6. Determine L, Lq, W, and Wq.

view of a man

How does Hobbes’s view of man differ from that of Locke and Rousseau? How does this lead to Hobbes’s preference for a monarchy and Locke and Rousseau’s preference for democracy? Be specific and support your thoughts.

Astronomy Questions see description

. Comet Halley has an orbital period of 75 years and when it enters the inner Solar System, it passes within a few AU of the Sun.


 A.  Determine the average distance of Comet Halley in AU.


 B.  Right now, Comet Halley is just about past the orbit of Neptune, which has an average distance from the sun of about 30 AU. Explain how this is possible given the average distance you found from its orbital period.


2. HIPPARCOS (an acronym for HIgh Precision PARallax COllecting Satellite was a scientific mission of the European Space Agency (ES       A., launched in 1989 and operated between 1989 and 1993. It was the first space experiment devoted to astrometry, the accurate measurement of star positions, distances from us, parallaxes, and proper motions.


 A.  If the measured parallax shift of star A was 0.1 arcsecs and the parallax shift of star B was 0.05 arcsecs, which star was farther away from the Earth, why?


 B.  What is the distance of the farthest star in parsecs?


 C.  What is the distance of the farthest star in light-years?


3. There are two optical telescopes operating at the exact same frequency.

 The first telescope is a 10 m telescope that is planned to be located at the L2 Lagrangian point 1.5 million kilometers past the orbit of the Earth. The second telescope is a 2 m telescope that is planned to be placed on the far side of the moon (average distance to the moon is 380,000 km from the Earth..


 A.  Which of the two telescopes will have the greater light gathering power (10 m or 2 m)?


 B. Explain your answer to part (A).


If the 10m telescope were placed on the Earth on top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii at 14000 feet instead of at L2, which telescope NOW has the greater light gathering power, by what factor


            C.. The 10 m telescope has a _____ (greater/smaller. light gathering power )


            D.. by a factor of _____ times.


            E.  Compare your answers to parts C. and  D. to your answer to part   A.. Explain any differences.


4. There was a great debate concerning the value of the Hubble constant. (NOTE: The presently accepted value of the Hubble constant is 72 km/s/Mpc as listed in your formula sheet.. One party believed the Hubble constant (Ho. was closer to 50 km/s/Mpc and the other party believed the Hubble constant was closer to 100 km/s/Mp       C. Assuming you measure a recessional velocity of a galaxy of 10,000 km/s, what is the distance to that galaxy given the two different Hubble constants


 A.  Distance to galaxy using 100 km/s/Mpc = _____ Mpc


 B.  Distance to galaxy using 50 km/s/Mpc = _____ Mpc


 C.  How do the different Hubble constants affect the calculated age of the universe?


5. If you triple the distance between two celestial objects, how does the resultant gravitational force between the two objects compare to the original force? (for example, 2 times, 10 times, 100 times?.


 A.. The force is _____ times    B. _____ (greater/weaker)..


6. Two stars have the same radius but have very different temperatures. The red star has a surface temperature of 3000 K and the blue star has a surface temperature of 15,000 K. By what factor is the blue star more (or less. luminous compared to the red star? (for example, 2 times, 10 times, 100 times?.


  A. The blue star is _____ times    B.   _____ (more/less) luminous.


USP Case answers

United Screen Printers (USP) produces a wide range of decals for displaying promotional messages on fleet vehicles, including delivery vans, eighteen-wheelers, and aircraft.  Its decals range from flat-color designs to full-color photographic reproductions.

Although it is one of the oldest forms of printing, screen printing is superior to most of the more modern approaches because it permits making heavier deposits of ink onto a surface, resulting in more vibrant and longer lasting finishes.  Screen printing works by blocking out areas on a silk screen so that ink passes through only the unblocked areas to make an impression on the vinyl decal.

Many in the industry believe that the economics of fleet graphics makes them an extremely attractive form of advertising and should lead to their continued penetration of a largely untapped market.  One industry source estimated that the cost of fleet graphics works out to be $2.84 per 1,000,000 visual impressions. 

Given the highly cost effective nature of using fleet graphics as a form of advertising, it is speculated that organizations will increasingly exploit this form of advertising.  In addition, as organizations become better aware of this advertising medium, it is likely they will want to change their message more frequently.  According to managers as USP, this may be on the of the major factors that is apparently driving the competition to focus more on short lead-times and prices, and less on decal durability.

USP is about to begin its annual evaluation of proposed projects.  Six projects have been proposed as described below.  USP currently has annual sales of approximately $7 million.  It typically allocated up to 10% of sales to these types of projects.

  1. Purchase new large press.  There is currently a three-and-a-half to four-week backlog in the screen printing department.  The result of this is that USP’s total lead-time is 4 to 6 weeks in comparison to an industry average lead-time of 3.5 to 4 weeks.  In a typical month, USP ships 13% of its orders early, 38% on time, and 49% late.  It has been estimated that 75% of the backlog is waiting for press 6, the largest press in the shop.  Furthermore, press 6 is in dire need of replacement parts but USP has been unable thus far to locate a source for these parts.  Given the problem of finding replacement parts and the fact that the press is somewhat outdated, this proposal calls for purchasing a new large press for $160,000.  Based on estimates that a new large press could process jobs 50-100% faster than press 6, it is calculated that the payback period for the new large press would be one year.
  2. Build new headquarters.  USP’s CEO fervently believes that the company needs to have a strong corporate identity.  He therefore purchased land and had plans drawn up for the construction of a new corporate headquarters.  Analysis of the new headquarters indicated that although it would improve operating efficiencies, the savings generated would not pay for the new building (estimated to cost $4 million).  Many of the board members viewed the project as too risky since it would increase the company’s debt as a percent of capital from almost 0 to 50%.
  3. Pursue ISO 9000 certification.  This proposal also comes from USP’s CEO.  ISO 9000 is a set of standards that provides customers with some assurance that a supplier follows accepted business practices.  In some industries, obtaining ISO 9000 certification is essential, such as industries that export to Europe and the domestic automobile industry.  It was less clear what competitive advantage pursuing ISO 9000 would provide USP at this time.  On the other hand, the process along would help it document and perhaps improve its processes.  The cost of this initiative was estimated to be $250,000-$300,000 and would take one year to complete.
  4. Develop formal procedure for mixing inks.  This proposal comes from USP’s plant manager.  At present, mixing inks is a highly specialized skill that consumes 2-3 hours of the team leader’s time each day.  This project would focus on developing ink formulas to make the task of mixing inks more routine, and less specialized and subjective.  The team leader is paid $25,000 annually.  The cost of pursing this project is estimated to be $10,000.
  5. Purchase and install equipment to produce four-color positives in-house.  The lead-time to have positives made by an outside supplier is typically one week and costs $1,500-$6,000.  According to this proposal, the cost of purchasing the equipment to produce four-color positives in-house would be approximately $150,000 plus $25,000 for installation and training.  The variable costs of producing positives in-house are estimated to be $375 per job.  If produced in-house, the lead-time for the four-color positives would be approximately an hour-and-a-half.
  6. Purchase inkjet printers.  An alternative to purchasing a new screen printing press is to add capacity based on newer technology.  Given the inkjet’s production rate, 6 inkjet printers at a cost of $140,000 would be needed to provide the equivalent capacity of a new large screen printing press.  The major disadvantage of the inkjet printers is that compared to the screen printing process, the outdoor durability is more limited.  In general, inkjet printers are more economical for small orders, while screen printing presses are more economical for large orders.
What criteria would you recommend USP use in selecting its projects this year?
Based on your recommended criteria, what projects would you recommend USP fund this year?  Are there any types of projects you would recommend USP pursue that were not proposed?
What, if any, additional information would you want in making your recommendations?  How would you go about obtaining this information?


Week 5 Multiple-Choice Questions

Please affix your answer in the underlined space next to each question’s number. Send your answers as a Word 2003 (.doc) or 2007 (.docx) file attached to the submittal page.

Note the date this assignment is due.

Discuss the following (2 or more paragraphs): (a) Should the rule be changed? (b) Should the U.S. Supreme Court hear more cases considering the 7,000+ appeals they receive and why? …. perhaps a Rule of Two or even a Rule of One?


psychology paper

  Assignment 2: Creating a Flyer

Before beginning this assignment, you should thoroughly review Windows Explorer, File Management, Office Features, and Word Documents from your course textbook, Go! All in one: Computer concepts and applications.

For this assignment you will be creating a one-page flyer in a Microsoft Word document. The flyer will advertise the fitness activities for students at a college. There are two categories of fitness activities: Fitness Services and Intramural Sports. Please carefully read the paragraph below to understand the fitness activities on and off campus.

The Associate Students of Laurel College sponsors fitness activities. These take place both on campus and off campus. The activities fall into two categories: Fitness Services and Intramural Sports. Fitness Services are noncompetitive activities, with the most popular being Kickboxing, Jogging, and Aerobics. The most popular Intramural Sports activities—which include competitive team and club sports—are Field Hockey, Volleyball, and Basketball.

Open a new Microsoft Word document and save it asLastnameFirstInitial_M2_A2.doc. For example, if your name is John Smith, name your document SmithJ_M2_A2.doc.

Create a one-page flyer that contains the following:

  • A title that uses Text Effects
  • A text description about the activities based on the fitness activities detailed above. Do not simply copy and paste this! Rework it to more clearly present the information in your flyer.
  • A SmartArt graphic
  • A picture of your choice or the w01K_Volleyball image.
  • Text that wraps around the graphic and/or the picture to demonstrate the use of the Text Wrapping feature.

Don’t forget to spell check your work.
Save your document as LastnameFirstinitial_M2_A2.doc. Submit this document to the M2: Assignment 2 Dropbox by Tuesday, September 8, 2015.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Submitted a well-designed and visually appealing one-page flyer advertising fitness activities in a Microsoft Word document.
Included a title using Text Effects.
Included text description about the activities in your own words.
Included a SmartArt graphic.
Included a picture.
Included text that wraps around the graphic and/or the picture to demonstrate the use of the Text Wrapping feature.
Used correct spelling and grammar.


what do you think it takes to be a qualitatively effective disaster mental health responder 5

What do you think it takes to be a qualitatively effective Disaster Mental Health responder?

1. What kinds of temperaments, character traits, and skills seem necessary?

2. What kinds of temperaments, character traits, and even skill sets might present barriers to being effective?

3. What if you were in that role? What traits or skills do you think you possess that would be helpful in that role? If not, what skills do you see yourself better suited for? Do you feel that there would be certain aspects of that role that might be especially challenging for you personally?