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Answer the following question based on International Business Machines, Corp. You can search the information from this web:…

  • Most recent 10-K; (Read items 1 and 1a; The 10K incorporates, by reference, the Annual Report’s Management’s Discussion/Item 7 so read pages 26-75 for the MDA)
  • Updated 3rd Quarter (filed 10/30/2018) 10-Q. Use this to understand where they are in current fiscal year.
  • Best thing to read: The 10-K. Focus on items 1 Business (Strengths/Opportunities), 1A Risk Factors (Weaknesses/Threats) and 7 Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Operational and Financial Performance(Operations and Financial Statement Explanation) . These will provide an in-depth description of strategy as well as operational and financial performance from the fiscal year end compared to previous year. Also, check out recent 10-Q’s or quarterly filings. Read item 2 for a snapshot of where the company is at the moment operationally and financially. Finally, check out 8-K’s for recent material events that effect the company’s execution of strategy, operations and financial/stock performance.

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