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Submit an intake and assessment form based on the hypothetical case that was provided from your faculty member (that was created by another student).

Include a 1-2 page assessment of the strengths and challenges that you personally may have in working with this client and/or family.

Hypothetical Case Senario:

Julie Marie Johnson is a single mother of Sara Marie Johnson.She lives with her daughter Sara, in an apartment at 124 Forest Road, Apt 1 Menomonie WI 54751.Julie was born on 4-24-1998 and grew up with only her mother (Joan Johnson).Julie has never met her father and did not grow up with a father figure.Julie is an only child and doesn’t have any relatives close.She recalls spending a lot of time alone as Julie’s mother worked long hours and at times Julie was in charge of meals and taking care of herself.Julie attended East High School and graduated in May of 2016.Julie was a good student overall buy struggled to make friends.Julie found herself among a group of kids who were unethical and repeatedly made poor choices.

Shortly after graduation in May of 2016 Julie found out she was pregnant with Sara.Julie continued to live with her mother and began working at Perkins Family Restaurant as a waitress until she gave birth to Sara on January 26, 2017.Sara’s father (Johnny Smith) has refused to be a part of Julie and Sara’s life.Julie has full custody and full placement of Sara and doesn’t receive any child support from Johnny Smith. Julie went back to work after Sara was born and relied on her mother and her good friend Tammy Stone to help with the care of Sara. Julie’s mother has become very ill and Julie made the decision to move into her own apartment. Julie has struggled with depression and anxiety over raising a daughter at the young age of 19, and her finances.She feels like she needs some additional resources for parenting skills and financial help.Julie does not socialize outside of her friend Tammy Stone as she has had a hard time meeting other young mothers.She has looked to her church for support but hasn’t felt very successful. She does receive Food Share through Dunn County Human Services, but is also looking for other assistance to help her and take some of the stress off of her.

Julie’s primary physician is Jennifer Star. Dr Star has prescribed Sertraline for Julie’s Anxiety. Julie takes 20 mg of Sertraline daily. Julie has never used illegal drugs and takes Tylenol or ibuprofen when needed.Her alcohol use is Infrequent, once or twice a month socially and drinks appropriate amounts. Last consumed alcohol approximately January 25, 2018.

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