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Michael Curtiz (1942)

Length: 3 pages, dbl space, About 800 words

Use simple languages and follow the requriment

Must finish on time.

No submission allowed after Due time


  • Use a topic paragraph (thesis), body (citing specific examples from the film) and conclusive remarks.
  • Both your examples and discussion should support your thesis.

Choose ONE of the topics below.

Choose ONE of the topics below.

1. Discuss the story structure in the film (conflict, climax, resolution)

Identify the main conflict (s) in the film, how and where are they introduced?

At what point does the conflict (s) increase in intensity and reach a climax?

How are the conflicts resolved?

2. In the film Rick goes through a major character transition from a disinterested saloon keeper to a ‘hero’. Discuss the line ‘I stick my neck out for nobody’- contrast this with his decision at the ends of the film to put Ilsa on the plane with Victor

What are Rick’s major transitions?

Why do we identify with him more than Victor Lazlo?

3.The film has been criticized as subordinating a woman’s perspective, and promoting the ‘patriarchal’ male. Discuss the role of women in the film. How are they portrayed?

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