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Career Autobiography/Self-reflection:As we travel through life, our family (whatever form that may take) gives us messages, spoken and unspoken, which become the family “motto” around topics like work, money, career and education. Discuss in your reflection paper how these messages (i.e., personal, social, political, family, ethnic, and/or cultural) have influenced your decisions about college major and career. Past and present influences upon your career development; current interests, abilities and characteristics relevant to the occupational world are often addressed. In the paper, you should integrate any assessment results gained during the class or any other course. It is recommended to select two separate career development theories to analyze your career path, and you should address such cultural issues as power, privilege and institution (i.e., barriers/ opportunities) as an influence upon your career path.

A comprehensive career autobiography/ self-reflection paper includes the following criteria:

  • A clear description of one’s personal career path, including the interrelationships between work, family and other life roles and the cultural influences upon your career path;
  • A description of career and educational planning, decision-making, and experiences that contributed to one’s career path, including a discussion of how intentional and unintentional events have influenced you career path;
  • A description of self-evaluations and/or assessments that have contributed to an understanding of career aspirations,
  • The use of career theories to explain and/or illustrate your career development process, and
  • A writing style with correct use of grammar and punctuation.

This paper should be 4-5 pages in length, double spaced.

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