California State University Long Beach Sociology of Race and Ethnicity Essay

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American society has in many ways struggled to deal with the issues related to the Black Lives Matter protests, the Covid-19 crisis, attack on Congress, and the Donald Trump presidency over the past year. Subsequent discussions about race in this country continues to this day. One of the issues that has been a part of the general debate, both public and private, is what measures need to be taken in an effort to prevent further societal discord.

Opinions vary, but many have expressed the need to either keep a tighter control or surveillance of immigrants (particularly those of middle-eastern background); or use more “profiling” of people of certain ethnic backgrounds, allowing passengers to “vote suspicious passengers off” plane flights; having tighter surveillance of foreign students; or deporting non-citizens, etc.

On the opposite side of these arguments, many other Americans have argued for police reforms, education reforms, and political reforms to do the opposite, that is, actually changing or stopping what might be seen as racist surveillance and law enforcement of various kinds.

Be aware of the main issues here, they have been in the news non-stop over the past year.

Your task for this assignment is (write your report based on these sections):

  1. Find 1-3 news stories in reputable news sources that specifically deal with these issues. Make a short summary of the central arguments presented in it/them on this issue. (You can find these stories in reputable news sources on the internet.)
  2. Is the analysis in the articles primarily supportive, neutral or in opposition to the measures mentioned above? That is, do authors take a stand or not.
  3. Summarize your own opinion about the arguments made in these cases. What is your opinion in general about this issue?
  4. Most importantly: How are the views presented in the articles related to (that is, how do they exemplify?):

a) the social construction of difference?

b) history of subordinated groups?

c) oppression?

d) and discrimination?

Length : 2 – 2 ½ typed pages – double spaced

Margins : 1 – 11/4 inch

Font : 12 pt. New Times Roman or equal size

Due : Monday March 1st, 2021 @ noon

Cover page: State name of paper, your name + name of course………

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