silver linings playbook

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answers to questions after reading the book

DQ 5 151-181

  • How does Caitlin try to protect pat? In your opinion is that protection a good thing or a bad thing? Why?
    • Instead of telling Jake his worries, what does Pat tell Jake? Why do you believe Pat made this substitution? What effect could this substitution have on the brother?
    • How does Pat help Cliff?
    • What was in the box Pat found in the attic?
    • How does Jeanie respond to her confrontation with Pat?
    • Describe the comments made about Terrell Owens. What do these comments suggest to Pat?
    • How does Pat respond to the T.O. hatred at the tailgate? Why do you think this is Pat’s response?
    • What does Pat give Tiffany?
    • Summarize Tiffany’s letter to pat
    • How does Pat respond to the letter? Discuss both his emotions and his decision.
  • DQ 6 182-231

    • Discuss how Jeanie, Cliff, Ronnie, and Jake respond to Pat’s treatment of the Philadelphia Eagles?
    • Pat ask Cliff and his family to attend the recital. Why is Pat so passionate about inviting people to the dance recital?
    • Pat describes Tiffany’s dance as crying on page 207. Describe this analogy. What does it mean?
    • Describe the dance performance: how did Pat feel? How did Tiffany feel? Who attended? What was the outcome?
    • According to Nikki’s letter, why did she and Pat separate?
    • According to Nikki’s letter, how does she feel about reconciling?
    • In letter 4 Nikki says, “this worldview you [Pat] have developed is fragile.” What does she mean by this? Do you agree or disagree with her opinion?
    • In letter 5 how does Pat connect the Eagles to he and Nikki?
    • How does the movie analogy reasserts itself in letter 5/
    • What request does Pat make of Nikki in letter 5?
  • DQ 7 231-262

    • In the letter 6 a gold ring is discussed. What is the significance of this ring? Is Nikki Pat’s gold ring? Why or why not?
    • Pat Sr. does not accompany his family to church. When Pat and his mother return from church how does Pat feel about his Mom? Is this the same or different from how he felt when his mother brought him home from the hospital? Why?
    • Despite letter 8, Pat goes to the hill. In your opinion why does Pat return to the hill? How does this relate to the book’s title?
    • When getting off the train on page 243 Pat remembers the train stop. How is this memory foreshadowing?
    • How does Pat respond to his meeting on the hill?
    • What happens to Pat after he flees the hill?
    • After being released from the hospital, how does Pat feel about his relationship with his family? How does Pat feel about himself?
    • What conflict do Pat and Cliff have about life as a movie? Who do you agree with and why?
    • How does Pat’s family feel about Tiffany?
    • Why do you think Pat asks about Tiffany?

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