entering country x

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1. What are the cultural challenges of entering this country with your product? How do you plan to deal with it?

2. What would be your preferred mode of entry into that country with your product and provide a rationale for doing so?

3. How would you manage the global competitive dynamics of competing in that country? Who is your competition? How do you intend to deal with existing competitors in that country? Why do you think your product will be better than the products offered by your competitors

Organize your answers with headings and sub-headings in a paper format. Please do not use the questions as your headings. Use the APA style with in-text citations. Please make sure that you have a Table of Contents with page numbers. Please keep your paragraphs short (paragraphs that are more than half a page is to be avoided).

The country is China.

The product is MRI Machines.


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