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The prince or leader should have the ability to carve a political order that incurs people’s support. They should be motivated by the happiness of the people by manifesting virtue when they provide security for the material interests of the people, demonstrates keeping agreements, need to have objectives to acquire power and use it to create order, and do whatever it takes to create lasting governments.

I do believe the American Leaders, like President Trump, are motivated by the happiness of the people. I couldn’t agree with this next statement more that I found while reading articles on the web. “President Trump’s motivation is centered around self-beliefs, where some people passionately support him likely because his espoused views closely align with their own beliefs, cultural values, and expectations of a presidential candidate. Others hold Trump in contempt and criticize his brazen statements because they conflict with their ideology and their perception of behavior incumbent of a world leader” (Hoffman, B., 2015).

For me, I am happy President Trump is in office because I have no debt, my taxes are lowered, I can save money, my business has been booming where I’m putting people to work and changing people’s lives because of it. He also stays true to his word, fights for what he believes in and yes sometimes he crosses the lines and pushes the boundaries, but at least change is happening. I may not agree 100% on everything he does, but the small changes he has implemented I’ve seen impact my life in a positive way.

Lori McGuire

Hoffman, B. (2015, August 24). Which five powerful self-beliefs motivate donald
trump? Retrieved from Psychology Today website:…

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