global population growth

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Conduct a case study review on the following topic: Population growth has been unprecedented in the last half-century; during this time-frame, the world population has increased by approximately 4 billion people, with the strongest growth trends noticeable in low and middle income countries. Over the last couple decades, the world’s population grew from 5 to 7.06 billion people. Low to middle income countries currently account for 80% of the world’s population and 97% of the population growth. Projected world population growth peaks are projected to occur in the year 2075 and are estimated to be 8.9 billion. Life expectancy has also dramatically increased in the last 40 years. Birth to death lifespan range has improved by approximately 30%. This increased population means more food is needed. Considering climate, land resources, water availability, and agricultural output, think about how food needs must be enhanced.

a. Do you think that the world will need more food because of these changes?If so, how do you propose to provide it?

b. Is climate change an issue?How so?

c. How does planting and having more agriculture affect the environment? Which is the most harmful and why?

d. What would be the absolute best solution to this problem?Be creative.

Write 500 words (1 page) paper in APA format. Cite a minimum of 3 references/ sources that support your analysis in proper APA style(6th edition).

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