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Give feedback and constructive criticism or praise as a response to the discussion posts posted below. Or give something of value to add onto it.Each response post must be at least 100 words in length. All posts need to add significant value to the discussion. The first two questions are based off the attached document.

Student One:

I believe you are liable for the malicious student taking the information; after all, you did not take all the precautions necessary to prevent such a theft. As Kroenke & Boyle mention in chapter 1, the use of “strong password” will protect you from hackers guessing, or like in this case, catching you type the password. I don’t, however, believe the coffee shop has should take responsibility in this case – that is, as long as the student was acting on their own accord, if they were sniffing and stealing the information with the coffee shop’s knowledge, then most definitely they would be liable. Based on question 2, this is not the case, so they are not accountable for offering Wifi. Also, the student acted unethically, but packet sniffing the computer on the open network doesn’t make it illegal. However, considering categorical imperative, the malicious student may not be acting ethically because he is stealing information by having unauthorized access. Using the utilitarian viewpoint which applies to just course of action for maximizing good the student’s act is not ethical this is so because he gratified himself in unethical practice and thus possessed unauthorized access and copied all the information.

Student Two:

First, off you should have a screen shield. The screen shield will make it harder for someone to look over you should and peer at what you are doing. Second, assume that all networks are unsecured and that everyone has access to the WIFI/network and can see what you are doing. So, to prevent someone from taking your passwords and have access to your computer you need only to use WIFI networks that you know are secure if they are not then you shouldn’t use it. Next, you should password protect your computer and create a password that is very difficult to obtain and doesn’t mean or have any connection to you. If you are not using secure WIFI and you have your laptop on, make sure the Wi-Fi on your laptop is in the off.Ensure your antivirus and antimalware is up to date. You should also log completely out of websites and delete your cookies. assume there is an individual using a packet sniffer These are a few good practices that you should use when at a public network


“Identify a social entrepreneur/business. Discuss the social mission they seek to achieve or are achieving. Explain why their efforts are considered social entrepreneurism. Provide a link to their site/mission.”

Student Three:

Tenfed is a social entrepreneurship business that is based out of Toronto, Canada. It was founded by Mike Wallis and Kory McLaughlin, who were unhappy with the professions as a corporate businessman and landscape company owner. The two attended a speaking engagement conducted by Tony Robbins, the popular motivational speaker. They stated that “they left that seminar with an idea, and a bigger drive to make it happen” (Hay, 2016).

What Mike and Kory made happen was starting a social entrepreneur for profit business that designs, manufactures, and sells apparel as a product. Although the company is for-profit, they have a mission that is focused on feeding as many hungry children that they possibly can through the sales of their clothing line. This marketing strategy provides meals for hungry children through each sale. Tenfed is considered a social entrepreneur business in that a portion of the money from every Tenfed product sold is used to purchase ten meal kits through a non-profit called Kids Against Hunger Canada. According to (2018), the meal kits are nutritious meals consisting of high-quality white rice, fortified, crushed soy – 52% protein, a blend of 6 dehydrated vegetables, and consisting of 21 vitamins and minerals. These meal kits have been designed to ensure the physical and mental well-being of the malnourished children are fulfilled.

In their efforts as a for-profit social entrepreneurial business, Tenfed must not only fill their social goals, but their financial goals as well. According to Scarborough (2015), “the dual focus of these entities (for-profit social entrepreneurs) is known as a double bottom line—both social and financial objectives guide decision making and define true success. The downside to this structure is in social goals are directly tied to the success or failure of Tenfed’s apparel sales. If the apparel doesn’t sale, then the social goal of the company will fail. However, Tenfed has been met with enthusiasm and their sales have grown steadily since their introduction in 2015. Their website includes many positive media stories and events that are touting the success of this company. Tenfed is now attempting an event to conduct a mission to feed 10,000 hungry children in Nicaragua. As the company grows, they directly help more kids avoid starvation. You can read more about Tenfed and their mission at

Student Four:

Patagonia is an outdoors clothing and climbing gear business that started in 1965. Because they were founded by climbers who enjoyed the great outdoors they have always been an environmentally friendly company. Over the years they have donated money and time to causes that promote environmental awareness and preservation. They do an outstanding job of social entrepreneurship giving back to the nature. They have various programs that support their mission statement which is “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis” (Patagonia, 2018). They donate money and sponsor non-profit groups that are actively engaged in protecting the environment. They highly encourage their employees to volunteer with non-profits that support the environment around the world. They have a program called the Environmental Internship Program which allows employees up to two months away from their company work to work with a group of their choice while continuing to earn their paycheck and benefits (Patagonia, 2018).

Patagonia is considered a social entrepreneurship because their founders from the beginning worked to protect the environment before the government or the market showed any interest in doing so. They understood that their clientele were outdoors people and would be receptive to a company that provided the best climbing gear on the market while protecting the nature that climbers explored. Patagonia recognized the environment was being abused and developed solutions to help tackle the problem.

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