different roles of government

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Short responses

1. How does the US Senate differ from the House of Representatives in terms of the lawmaking process? (Write a 1-2 paragraph detailed explanation)

2. What is the role of the committees of the US Congress? (Write another 1-2 paragraph explanation)

3. Who is the boss of the policy process in our American Presidential system: The president, vice president, speaker, Senate majority leader, minority leader or whips? ( also 1-2 paragraph short response)

Long response

Please construct a five paragraph essay on the following topic below. This essay should contain an introduction, 3 descriptive and one concluding paragraph. (5 minimum). Please only use original content in this essay as my professor submits all essays through two different plagiarism checking softwares and is very good at catching it. Please dont take sentences from other essays and just switch around some words. Thanks in advance!

How does president Trump or any future president best achieve domestic, economic, or foreign policy success with the national legislature? Explain FULLY


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