course assignment 2

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In this assignment, you will write a physical security proposal based on CPTED principal and contents you have learned in this course for the scenario documented below.

Alztec Pharmaceutical Corporation is planning on building a new manufacturing plant in ABC County in Miami, Florida. There is a correctional facility (prison) located 20 miles from the area that the manufacturing unit will be located. The manufacturing unit will be involved in producing highly sensitive medicine that needs high security to be implemented within the manufacturing plant premises. There needs to be security measures to control access of raw materials to the manufacturing unit as well in the delivery of equipment to distributers. A number of different types of vehicles such as truck delivery, employee vehicles will need access to the building premises.

You have been hired as the physical security implementation specialist for the manufacturing unit. Write a report that details your plans for implementing physical security. Your report should be minimally 5 pages (double space, Times Roman 12 font in APA format). You will need to include a bibliography section with at least three credible sources. The bibliography page should be separate and not part of the 5 page requirement. The report will be uploaded to the week 7 content folder assignment drop box.

The report should address the following and provide your recommendations on what kinds of security measures need to be implemented.

 How you plan to implement CPTED principles- Your plans to bring natural access control and territoriality.

 Identify specific threats, vulnerabilities and risk present in the scenario (Consider both internal and external threats)

 Your plans to implement access control security

 The physical security deterrents you plan to implement

 Security measures you plan to implement for the major doors, locks and windows

 Security measures for lighting

 Summary of the information technology systems that will be included and details of the process control network, devices, servers, any specific secure network configuration, and surveillance systems.

 The standards, regulations and guidelines that would be applicable in this scenario

Evaluation Criteria and Rubrics Evaluation Parameters Percentage Weight

Did the student demonstrate an understanding of the core CPTED competencies and refer to it in the context of the scenario provided

Did the student identify threats, vulnerabilities and risk specific to the scenario

Did the student address access control security

Did the student address deterrents, and security plans for doors, locks, windows and lighting

Did the student detail information on information technology systems for physical security

Did the student refer to standards, regulations and guidelines applicable in the context

Did the student create a professional, well-developed report with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and APA formatting

APA Format Guidelines

You can refer to credible sources for ideas but the writing should be your original work and you need to cite references for ideas for taken from outside sources.…

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