assignment 5 looking back looking forward revising learning 4 5 page paper done individually

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For this final assignment, you will begin by re-reflding your prior course assignments from this term, including in- and out-of-class prOposals, ELldrafts / peer reviews, and in- class reflections.

Also, consider class experiences, such as Culture Circles, activities and discussion around class power points (on-line in D2L), and the First-Year Writing Symposium. For this final project, you will reflect on this coursework, by using your papers and at » least one reading and one class activity as evidence for a paper that analyzes your class experiences for a specific audience. As you know, this course serves as a “bridge” to assist you in the move from prior experience and academic work to the next-level WRA course and college work more broadly. How rriight you “translate” and tell the story of your “bridging” experience of this course to someone else? What was most helpful to you, and why? How did your writing change and grow, as the semester progressed? What did you learn, beyond “just” writing? What are your writing (and other) goals now, going forward?

Audience: What might an incoming student at MSU learn from your observations and explanation of this course? What advice might you give hirri/her? How did course practices of writing, reading, research, listening, and speaking counter or build on prior practices?

Another audience might be other students and teachers in ESL, and/or high school students and teachers. Looking back, what might have been useful for you to have known, in order to be successful in this WRA 1004 course? What will you take forward? Thus, you might consider Writing this assignment as a letter: to me, to another student newly arriving at the August orientation, to your high school teacher, or to your ESL teacher/

Purpose: (1) To provide you with the opportunity for you to “look back” over (and reflect on) this semester’s learning experience, and to set goals for your future; and (2) To share the story of this course experience with someone else less familiar with both the course and MSU.

Each finished project should contain:

Examples from Projects 1 through 4, File “draft of project 2” and ”final version project2.docx”

Discussion of at least one class activity, File “-coded language.pptx”

Discussion of at least one course reading, File “Course reading sotry of a shoe.docx”

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