requesting short essay in mla format

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Follow Basic Essay Structure

INTRO: – Leading statements that orient the reader with the topic

– Introduction of the author and title of the work

– Brief overview of what the work is about (1-2 sentences max.)

– Supporting points (in the order they will be discussed)

– Thesis statement (the argument of your paper)

Body- Write at least 1 full paragraph for each of the points listed in the intro. Be sure to include a topic sentence at the beginning that references the point being discussed.

Conclusion- So what? Explain why readers should care, or what they should take away from your paper. Include thoughtful,ending comments (like a closing argument to a jury).



  • Discuss Native American influences on colonial literature.
  • *** Be sure to back up your thesis with supporting quotes from the text. Make sure you have a title and a works cited. This essay is to be at least 1,000 words.

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