analyze the legal case and identify and discuss as many legal issues as you can then discuss them

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in 6 pages ( if you answer my question in 5 pages it is ok, if you need more than 6 it is ok.) you simply need to answer to the best of your ability, making certain it is comprehensive and thorough and deep analysis.Identify and discuss as many legal issues as you can, referencing the text, the cases,.It is important that you analyze and discuss and not draw conclusion. The paper will include the following elements: introduction with context and purpose statement

2.development paragraphs with support (cases, text references, etc.)

3.a conclusion that refers back to introduction and purpose

4.writing mechanics such as transitional elements, correct spelling, good grammar (punctuation, sentence structure, subject/verb and pronoun/antecedent agreement).

outline for the paper

1- to avoid any misunderstanding, read carefully the case, my outline, instructions, attachments materials, and previous homework that i will attach then understand what I want and what the case says before you write

2- start the paper with a good introduction ( includes brief summary of the case and a clear thesis statement)

3- build development paragraphs to support you argument ( use chapter 9 , chapter 10, and Hosty Carter’s case, ….also use website to find any case that matches the current case)

4- the conclusion also is very important

5- make sure your writing includes (transitional elements) and use may when you write DO NOT draw conclusion

6- I will send a paper which is one of my professor’s favorites under (Arrow College) take advantage of it

7- i will send my previous homework (you did it for me)under (homework 8) with my professor feedback and grade please look at it

8- i will send one of my homework that discusses same issue

9- also, I will send you my outline and note

The Case :

State University

The Homeless Coalition at State University, has petitioned the Student Government Association for recognition.The SGA insists that the Homeless Coalition sign the recognition document that includes a stipulation that all recognized student organizations will abide by the rules of the University.(There were rumors that HC would demonstrate on the campus Quadrangle with tents for the homeless.)

Soon after HC signed the recognition document, including the stipulation that it would comply with University rules and regulations, tents housing homeless persons appeared on the campus Quadrangle.The coalition was careful not to block entrances to buildings, use amplified sound, or leave meal containers on the lawns.The campus Policy on Demonstrations states that “All demonstrations on the Quadrangle must be approved by the Office of Student Activities.”

As part of its demonstration HC posted fliers on campus with pictures of homeless persons, including children and families.Many on campus were upset about these posters, but there were no means of identification on the posters.The campus Policy on Leaflets, Posters, and Bulletin Boards requires that “All posters must bear the names of the authors and/or sponsoring organization.”

Others were concerned about the presence on campus of homeless individuals.Many students indicated that they were afraid and demanded that the portion of their activity fee that was allocated to HC be refunded.The student newspaper, The Clarion Call, covered the demonstration and wrote an editorial in support of HC.Concerned that the editorial would attract more homeless families to the campus, the administration refused to allow Clarion Call to publish the editorial.The Clarion Call has gone to court to compel publication of its editorial.

The Dean of Student Affairs has charged HC with several violations under the Student Conduct Code.

  • Violation of the SGA Policy on Student Organizations that requires organizations to obey campus rules and regulations as a condition of recognition.
  • Violation on the Policy on Demonstrations that requires an application and University approval.
  • Violation of the Policy on Leaflets, Posters, and Bulletin Boards that requires identification of the author or organization on the leaflet or poster.

The charging memorandum from the Dean to HC stated that HC was being charged with violating several University policies.After notifying HC of the date, time, place and manner of the hearing, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities conducted the hearing under its policy.Because of the serious nature of the alleged violations, the President of the University conducted the hearing.The President found HC ‘responsible’ for all of the charges.Under the Student Code of Conduct, one sanction available to the President was withdrawal of official recognition of the student organization.At the conclusion of the hearing, the President issued the following statement:

As the flagship campus of the state university system, we here at State U. pride ourselves on the exceptional and exclusive institution that the founders envisioned for us.We do not welcome the vagrant and displaced elements of our community.Therefore, the sanction that I impose on the Homeless Coalition is the withdrawal of their recognition as a student organization, thereby denying them access to funding and the use of campus facilities.

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