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Here are the details about the essay :

Learning Goals: The final paper is directly linked to all three of the student learning outcomes for this course. It will allow you to demonstrate familiarity with research and thought in the field of interpersonal communication, analyze your own relationships using concepts of interpersonal communication, and demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills in various contexts.

Instructions: For this paper, please think about an interpersonal relationship you are currently in (such as a friendship, romantic relationship, work relationship, family relationship, etc.). You will analyze your relationship using the interpersonal communication theories, concepts, and skills we have learned about throughout the semester. In your paper, you will discuss a relational conflict or challenge (such as an argument, transgression, break-up, etc.). Please analyze your relationship and the conflict by applying at least two theories, two concepts, and two skills using any of the chapters from our textbook. When applying the skills, think about what skill you used or could have used to effectively manage the conflict (for example: perception-checking statements, assertive “I” statements, self-monitoring, etc.).

You will also need to cite one library source for this paper. Your book should be used for the majority of the paper, but at least one library source is also required (such as a book or journal article). Make sure you cite your library source at the end of your paper (bibliography) and within the paper (in-text or parenthetical citation) in MLA or APA format.

Include the following in your paper:

  • Brief description of the relationship you chose to write about
  • Brief description of the relational conflict/challenge you faced in this relationship
  • Application of 2 theories from any chapters in the book
  • Application of 2 concepts from any chapters in the book
  • Application of 2 skills from any chapters in the book
  • Application and citation of 1 library source (book or journal article)

Your final paper should be 4 pages, typed, double-spaced, size 12 font, with one inch margins all around, and in essay format. DO NOT just list answers (it should be in essay format). Submit your paper here on Canvas by the due date.

If you need help submitting your assignment, please see the following Canvas tutorial:

How do I submit an online assignment? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

*This course uses an anti-plagiarism software called Vericite for your assignment submissions. For instructions on how to submit a Vericite assignment, you can follow this tutorial: http://help.vericite.com/m/canvas/l/831687-how-do-i-submit-my-paper-to-vericite (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Additionally, please be aware that that Vericite does not support Pages submissions, it does support MS Word and pdf documents.

**Remember that your new student email (Office 365) provides access to Word, which you can use to write your paper.


**Now it does require the textbook, but I have that online where you can access it easily.

Go to this link : https://www.vitalsource.com/

Sign in : Email – maiankri@hotmail.com

Password : @Education123


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