read the case skipper s pizza pies

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Read the case Skipper’s Pizza Pies and the alternative strategic and marketing responses the firm is considering. Use the three alternative and the four questions as a starting point for thinking about the case and the proper approach. You may decide that one of the alternatives presented in the case is the best but do not feel boxed in, if you have an alternative not presented feel free to explore it but be sure you can support it. You will find the Case Study at the end of Chapter 18, or on pg 661 in the Case Study section of your book.

The basic format for the case should be an introduction and summary of the facts, an analysis of possible solutions and a conclusion. Think of your role as a consultant hired to sort all this out and present a clear strategy to management who is paying your bill.

Your paper should be approximately five (5) pages of written work plus whatever appendices and supporting documentation you feel is necessary and useful. The case presents quite a few numbers; use them to analyze your options and support your conclusion. A paper without some numerical work is incomplete.

Essentials of Marketing, 15thEdition (Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2017), William D. Perreault, Jr., Joseph P. Cannon, E. Jerome McCarthy, (ISBN 9781259573538).

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