cj 2241 survey criminal law must answer question plus 5 separate db posts below response e 0

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Each question is to be answered and each oint/question is to be answered with at least 75 words or better with proper citing of sources PEER Articles only please APA format!  Each response is to be separated 1-5 this way I know which is which 6 posts toatl the main which is answering the question then 5 posts for me to post on my classmates.  They can be in your own words relating to the main question


The responses below are to have differnt views of whats written above so that I can post later in my discussion B


1) 50 Response  2) 50 Response  3) 50 Response  4) 50 Response  5)50 Response 





Use the following case to discuss the following:

Was the trial fair? What was the key evidence in the trial? What was the defendant’s attitude during the trial? Who were the key witnesses for and against the defendant? What were the reactions of the victims families toward the case and the verdict? What post trial issues did the attorneys handle for this type of case?

Each student is to present a different type of evidence
and to discuss its significance in terms of the types of evidence (Chapter 6).
Text is Criminal Procedure Sixth Edition)

What do you find as “criminal procedures” in this case that are controversial? Look at the issues you have studied and compare them to those in this case?

Each student is to discuss ONE of the following: mitigating factors if this was a death penalty case; pre-sentence report; sentencing hearing; right of allocution; differences between concurrent and consecutive sentences; role of the judge in a capital case; indeterminate sentencing; determinate sentencing; hate crimes; federal sentencing guidelines, etc. (obtain other terms from chapter 7 or 8).
Text is Criminal Procedure Sixth Edition)

How does this case impact local, and state security? Should the procedures be different or the same for other cases?


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